10 Signs Your Office Building Needs a Wellness Program Operator

10 Signs Your Office Building Needs a Wellness Program Operator

I have never met a commercial building owner that has a slam-dunk wellness program operating without any support.

Think of it this way. If you have a cafe in your building, you would hire someone with a certain skillset to operate that cafe. The same goes with your wellness program. That’s where Zest can help.

Here are 10 signs that you should hire Zest, or another wellness program operator:

  1. Want “something special.” Imagine having a full wellness calendar as part of your amenities offering. We coach your leasing agents on effective ways to “sell” wellness to prospects.

  2. Want flexibility. With Zest you get a single point of contact and 100s of class options — yoga, pilates, fitness bootcamps, meditation, nutrition, zumba, acupuncture, and more.

  3. Have a high quality bar. Classes should be the best reflection of your brand. Zest is a hands-on partner that you can fully delegate to with confidence.

  4. Dream of streamlining. Instead of paying 5 invoices per week to different teachers, with Zest you only get 1 invoice per month. Delegate program guesswork. Push promotion off your plate.

  5. Look for economies of scale. Run multiple classes across many properties, with no extra work. With Zest, you have one single point of contact.

  6. Need a cost-effective solution. Hiring someone in-house to manage your classes is a big commitment of time and money. Add it to someone's existing workload, and it won’t be done well. Let Zest do it right.

  7. Don’t have extra bandwidth. Outsource your wellness program operations to Zest. 100% turnkey, we decrease the load on your team and ensure it’s top-notch.

  8. Minimize risk. No infrastructure or onsite gyms are required to run onsite wellness classes. No large, upfront investments or contracts. Scale up or down with budgets. Cancel anytime.

  9. The clock is ticking. If you have vacancies, every day that passes is revenue out the door. Get smart around amenities now, include costs in CAMs, and stay ahead of competition.

  10. Need results. Giveaways and a month of free rent gets people in the door, but it doesn’t get them to stick around. Onsite wellness programs (when well executed) boost occupancy, increase retention, and give people a reason to stay.

Occasionally on the corporate side, I meet with people sometimes that are already killing it with their onsite wellness classes. They’ve hired an onsite wellness coordinator to manage it, and things are pretty smooth. That said, most companies don’t have someone on staff dedicated to the success of their wellness program. The above list applies to you, too!

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