Rethinking Building Amenities in 2020

Rethinking Building Amenities in 2020

You own a multi-tenant office building or a multi-family residential property. You're in 2020 budgeting and strategy setting. Questions come up like:

"How can we boost occupancy?"

"How can we stand out from the other buildings?"

"Why should someone choose our building over another?"

In a sea of competitive spaces to live and work, you need something unique to offer prospective tenants... and to get current tenants to stick around. 

Wellness - The Most Requested (and Overlooked) Amenity

Have you asked tenants what they want? From my experience, onsite wellness classes have been hotly demanded. And when it's offered, it's deeply appreciated.



The research supports this.

“85% of businesses said wellness ranked at the top of all company initiatives due to employee demand and competition with peers.

-Colliers Workplace Wellness Whitepaper

Moreover, wellness amenities are the #1 request of Millennials and the #2 request of employers. By 2020, Millennials make up half of the global workforce… so let’s listen to these important voices.



Research from CBRE shows that Millennials value experiences over things. And we know that people care about wellness. How do you combine experiences with wellness?

Team fitness classes. Meditation groups. Nutrition series. Men’s Health lists “Group Training” as the second biggest trend in fitness.

It's the kind of amenity that people love. It saves them money on gym memberships, and time being conveniently located down the hall. Wellness programs really make people feel cared for. Helps them care for themselves.

It also has the happy side effect of fostering community within your building, between tenants.

“Many developers have started creating amenities that help residents form lasting bonds with their building community, making them feel even more attached to where they live.”

- Chicago Tribune, “The Amenities Arms Race”

I believe onsite wellness classes are the ultimate amenity that actually produce results. That’s one of the many reasons I started Zest, a full-service wellness program provider.

To BE different, you have to DO something different.

Contact Zest for a free 30 minute consultation on your wellness program strategy.

4 Seriously Impactful Results of Onsite Wellness Classes

4 Seriously Impactful Results of Onsite Wellness Classes