Frequently Asked Questions


What is Zest?

Zest is a wellness program management company. Our mission is to make wellness amenities easy and effective for property owners and businesses. We are hired to launch and manage a robust calendar of weekly fitness, yoga, and meditation classes. These onsite classes are a valuable property differentiator that notably improves tenant happiness.


What does Zest offer?

Zest turnkey wellness program management. Staffing, scheduling, class promotion, measurement & more. We offer 20+ different fitness, yoga, and meditation classes to chose from. All classes are tailored to your population, and regular participant feedback means we actively evolve programming to be exactly what classes people want, when they want it.


how will Zest impact me?

Most Zest clients want to create that “something special” that will set their office or apartment building apart. Research shows wellness is a hotly desired amenity. Zest makes it easy for properties to turn on a fully baked wellness program that tenants love. Employees have reported enhanced team productivity, easier recruiting, higher employee retention, increased employee health… and overall happier vibes. Zest makes implementation easy on you, so you can confidently focus elsewhere.


How does Zest make it easy on HR?

HR /  people operations / business operations teams don't need to keep yet another ball in the air. Zest works with office managers, HR, facilities managers, and executive assistants to identify what makes onsite wellness programs daunting to implement.. and Zest takes that off your plate. Included in all our prices are:

  1. Turnkey marketing templates to take the guesswork out of class promotion and increase employee participation.

  2. Seamless billing to reduce headaches with finance.

  3. Continuous feedback gathering means the classes get better every time, with zero internal effort. Zest will survey participants, analyze feedback, deliver a summary to you and the instructors, and be accountable for acting on that feedback.

  4. Robust reporting makes it easy to give a program status update or justify your wellness investment to management, at a moments notice.


how much space do I need?

It depends on what kind of program you want to offer. Contact Jen at to discuss.

How is Zest different?

Zest is different than your average studio class, because we are designed from the ground-up for the corporate audience. We’ve learned a thing or two about what styles are most effective in the workplace. Here are a few things that makes Zest different:

  1. Full on-site marketing support. Onsite classes are only valuable if people actually show up. We pull from our deep marketing toolkit to help ensure you get as much participation as possible. We have templates, can produce and hang flyers, write email copy, and more... we will be as hands-on as you need.

  2. Classes are 60 minutes or less. We know you and your teammates aren’t swimming in free time, particularly at work. Cut out the commute to the studio, and just walk down the hall for class. Employees are away from their desk for no longer than 60 minutes, start to finish.

  3. Customized for your team. Zest designs programs designed to give you exactly what you want. Class length, frequency, and style can be adjusted to suit your needs and we will find you an instructor that you love.

  4. Regular reporting. We geek out over supporting our program with data. Our quarterly reports cover participation rates, feedback trends, program effectiveness, correlation to employee NPS, and more. Need to present a business case to management for funding approval? We can help.

  5. Continuous feedback loop. Zest regularly gathers feedback from your employees to improve future programming. We keep lines of communication open and are agile enough to make adjustments, when needed.

  6. Sickness protection. If your instructor is sick, we encourage them to stay home to keep your team germ-free. We will arrange for an equally awesome substitute instructor to keep your class running as usual.

  7. Good for all levels. Some studios say their classes are appropriate for beginners, but first timers often walk away intimated, self-conscious, or injured. Our classes are truly all-levels and safety is our #1 priority.


What is the cancelation policy?

Sometimes circumstances change. If you need to cancel, we request as much advance notice as possible. Contact Jen to learn more. 


When can I get started?

We can get you up and running with your own onsite wellness classes in as little as 2 weeks!