Programs for all budgets and preferences. Ongoing weekly classes or multi-week class series. Run 1 class per week, or 100… but always have a single point of contact with Zest.



40-60 minute classes — Alignment focused classes build strength and flexibility. 

Perfect for businesses with lots of yogis & those looking to lower stress and ease body stiffness.


45 - 60 min class— Strength and endurance training for all fitness levels. HIIT (high-intensity interval training), cardio, and more.

Perfect for those with high-energy, athletic folks and/or buildings with physical space limitations.



20-40 minute classes — No wellness room needed. Loosen and limber the body with ergonomic, instructor-led movement.

Perfect for those prone to repetitive stress injuries & with space/time limitations.



20-40 minute classes — Guided meditations clear the mind, increase focus, and balance emotions.

Perfect for those with only a conference room to spare & high stress environments.



40-60 minute classes — Muscle toning for all body types. Strengthen core muscle groups, improve posture, and decrease pain.

Perfect for groups of all ages looking for a low-impact workout to build strength (with minimal sweat).


40-60 minute classes — Get a cardio workout and have fun. Bring some Zest to your day with some groovy, heart-pumping beats.

Perfect for those with high-energy teams, music-lovers, and movement junkies.

“Mindfulness decreases knee-jerk reactions while increasing executive functioning.”
— Harvard Business Review
“Implementation of strength training at the workplace prevents deterioration of work ability.”
— National Institute of Health
“Organizations can use Yoga as a cost-effective preventive measure in combating counterproductive work behaviors.”
— National Institute of Health


Other Classes Available

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Worried about space? Don’t worry, we can get creative.

For properties with shared spaces (like pools, community kitchens, and BBQs) we can run chef-lead cooking demos, swim lessons, aqua aerobics, and more.

Single Events

For those looking to do a 1-off event, like a wellness fair or community acupuncture event, Zest can help.

If you’d like a guest speaker to present on a wellness topic (like “Mindful Eating” or “Ergonomics 101” to name a few) simply choose from our menu of topics, and Zest will orchestrate the event and provide an engaging, well-spoken expert to lead a compelling presentation.

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How It Works

What is it like to work with Zest? This is our typical process:

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 9.33.12 AM.png

Step 1: Design

Zest runs surveys designed to identify which classes people want, and when. Once there are clear winners, we design the program, set the date, and schedule the right instructor.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 9.51.39 AM.png

Step 2: Promote

Classes aren’t worth doing if no one shows up. Zest customizes an internal communications calendar, writes sample email copy, creates printable flyers with your branding, and more.


Step 3: Roll-Out

This is when the magical programming happens. Hand-selected instructors lead the exact class people want. Participants register seamlessly online, checkin with ease, and share feedback.

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Step 4: Improve

Ensure your programming never grows stale. With continuous feedback and Zest’s large team of talented instructors, rest assured your class offerings remain appealing and engaging.