About Zest


The Founder

Jen Ottovegio spent the last 15 years in the corporate environment and loved it. But high-stress and computer-centric postures took a toll on her body and mind. This drove her to push for onsite wellness classes at every place she's ever worked.

These group classes were undeniably effective at managing stress, increasing productivity, and improving wellbeing. The downside was, it was a headache for property managers and HR teams to manage.

Zest was born to make onsite programming that’s highly effective for participants and painless for you to implement.

Jen’s mission is to help people live healthier, happier, and more connected lives.

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The Team

Zest has a large network of incredibly talented fitness instructors, yoga teachers, meditation facilitators, and wellness experts on staff.

When you become a Zest client, we will play matchmaker until we get the right instructor fit. (We do our homework, so it usually happens right the first time). Instructors are selected to lead your classes based on their personality, training background, and schedule… and of course the preferences of the tenants, residents and employees that are participating. Our instructors show up on time, reflect your brand well, put your people at ease, and deliver the most effective programming possible.

Should you want to add or change classes up, Zest has a wide variety of experts that can teach different styles—giving you endless options for fresh programming. Whether you offer 1 or 100 classes per week, you will always have one point of contact, making Zest the easy way to manage onsite programming across properties.

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The Services

While our offering spans from yoga to bootcamps, meditation to dance classes… Zest offers more than just the classes themselves.

For example, we are serious about data and conduct pre and post-event surveys to ensure we are delivering what people want, and more. Zest compiles that data into robust Tenant Insight Reports (for properties) or Employee Insight Reports (for businesses), which you can use to keep your finger on the pulse of your team… for programming and beyond.

The icing on the cake is that Zest offers full class promotion support, which is critical to the success of any onsite program you run.

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Our mission is to improve health, happiness, and community connection by increasing access to wellness programming.