Power Your Properties with Zest

Want to differentiate your asset and improve net operating income? Commercial or residential, Zest helps you think outside of the box. We make it easy to run compelling onsite programming, customized to tenant preferences… the ultimate building perk.

Office Buildings

Your tenants spend more time at work than anywhere else. Create a place people love with community-centric experiences. Business tenants stick around if you thrill and delight their employees.

Multi-Family Residential

Residents are willing to pay a premium for amenities that make their life easier or more connected with others. Deliver quality wellness classes to create the modern, luxury residential experience they expect —and an onsite gym is nice… but not required!  

Mixed-Use Assets

As more mixed-use property emerges in urban and suburban environments, tenants have come to expect more from the tenant experience. Zest programming connects tenants to each other and their neighborhood.


Tenant Experiences Drive Loyalty

Zest offers onsite services that are customized to every property — no 2 programs are identical. Pricing is simple and honest. We have an all-inclusive price for weekly classes (volume discounts available) and slightly higher price for single one-off events. Contact us for pricing.


Weekly Classes

Zest’s menu of weekly classes build community and give the gift of health to your tenants. Choose from yoga, meditation, pilates, guided stretching, HIIT, fitness bootcamps, zumba, dance, and more.

Single Events

One-off events reach a big audience, plus everyone likes to learn something new. Guest speakers, an interactive art night, wellness fairs, cooking demos, group acupuncture, and more.


High-Impact, Low Overhead

“People, Not Tenants” is the new anthem of modern asset managers. Onsite tenant programming mitigates risks and adds building value. It’s a smart way to maximize property value and investment returns.


Full-Service Programming with Zest

Here’s a look at what we do, and why we do it.


Turnkey Program Management

Outsource onsite program management, so you can focus on key business objectives. We do all the heavy lifting - create tenant surveys, compile results, design the program, staff classes, and measure impact. How It Works >>

Quality & Cost-Effective Programming

Research shows tenants are willing to pay a premium for amenities — especially millennials, who value experiences over things. With a single point of contact across all properties, Zest gives you full-service, quality experiences at scale. Services >>

Improve Net Operating Income

Add valuable onsite services to your asset offering, and rental income increases. Not to mention, tenants are happier and stick around, dropping vacancy rates. Zest is a low-risk investment that can notably improve net operating income (NOI). Benefits >>