Next-Level Corporate Wellness

If employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention are top of mind… it’s time to think outside of the box. Bring the best-of-the-best classes and speakers onsite to make your team happier, healthier, and more productive. And make it easy with Zest.

“Employers with highly effective health programs generate 20% more revenue per employee.”

— International Journal of Workplace Health Management (study)


Make Recruiting easier

Dazzle candidates by offering yoga, bootcamp, meditation classes, and more. Show that you invest in each employee’s whole self. Plus, your team will actually take advantage of this perk because classes are short, held exactly when you want them, and just steps away from their desk.

"1 hour of yoga per week decreased employee stress by a third." 

Duke University & Aetna


Happy hours bring people together, but don’t (usually) leave them feeling healthier or more productive. Yoga, team workouts, pilates, HIIT, meditation, and other classes do.

Robust employee surveys before program launch ensure there is interest in classes — before they begin. And with Zest class promotion support, regular attendance is stronger than you thought possible.

"Employees that opt-in to onsite wellness programs take 70% fewer sick days than those that don't.”  

- OfficeVibe



Invest in your people

Improve health, decrease stress, and foster wellbeing in the workplace with onsite wellness classes. Employees learn new skills, remain engaged at work, and feel more balance in mind and body. Take your “wellness” offering to the next-level.

Did we mention healthier employees also means lower healthcare costs for employers? It’s a win win.

"For every $1 invested in wellness, medical costs fall by $3.27.” 

- U.S. Preventive Medicine